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60-A, boul. St-Raymond #200, Gatineau (Québec)


With 20 years of experience in new home sales and construction, I am skilled at providing expert advice to all types of homebuyers. I help buyers to visualize the space and feel an emotional connection when properties are empty, which is often the case with foreclosures and new homes. In the event that a property requires work, my clients can also take advantage of free advice from my construction/renovation team. This is especially useful prior to a home inspection.


Being trilingual, I can accommodate a greater number of homebuyers than most agents in the area. I am also adept at helping foreign buyers who do not speak French. My availability (24/7) is especially useful for assisting overseas buyers and sellers, as well as transfers and relocations.




  • French, English and Spanish service
  • More than 20 years experience in sales, negotiation and construction
  • Outaouais resident since 1977
  • I do all the showings myself
  • I will come to you to sign all documents
  • Feedback provided within 24-hours of each showing
  • Free professional home-staging advice
  • HDR wide-angle lens photos and videos
  • Targeted advertising by sector
  • Customized advertising and marketing
  • Exposure on over 10 websites
  • Exposure on YouTube
  • Exposure on FaceBook
  • Large inventory of homebuyers and network of contacts
  • Competitive commission rate
  • Estimates for renovation/construction services
  • Service guarantee in the event of "withdrawal of the buyer"
  • Network of contacts (notaries, lawyers, banks, etc.)
  • Available 24/7
  • Brokerage contract revocable anytime

    I reside in a condominium on the Côte d'Azur and have sold several condominiums over the last six years. I can guide you through all the important points to consider when buying a condominium, including condo fees, special assessments, annual meetings, reserve funds and much more.


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    • What are the condo fees?

    • Who holds and manages the condo fees?

    • What is a "special assessment?"

    • Vote for or against an increase in condo fees?

    • Can we rent our condo and our parking lot?

    • Can we have barbecues on the balcony?

    • Can we have dogs?





    1 - Inspect the water supply, septic tank and drain field. Some municipalities have records on the latest discharge of septic tanks for each property.


    2 - Inspect the foundation (all the sides) to ensure there are no cracks especially if there are hills around the cottage. In the countryside, there are many mountains, cliffs, slopes and other soil depressions: water can travel more easily than in the city where there are sidewalks, streets, sewers, etc.


    3 - Inspect the roof closely if there are many trees around the cottage. If this is the case, gutters will probably be full of leaves and branches. When this happens, the water flows over the gutters and goes directly around the foundation. Over time, the water reaches the inside of the property mainly through windows and doors. This often happens in the spring.




    When is the right time to sell or buy a cottage?


    (Video coming soon)




    • If you have a boat, verify what engine power you can use on your lake or river, lake passage rights etc

    • Verify if there are any fees or other expenses related to the cottage, lake or river.

    • Verify details with your insurer as some cottages are not insurable.

    • Verify if the municipality collects the garbage and clears the snow.

    • Verify the accuracy of the survey, especially terminals, measurements, rights of passage and other boundaries and/or rights.




    Whether you are moving to another city or you are new in town, if you are interested in buying or selling, my relocation service will meet all your expectations..


    I communicate primarily in French, English, and Spanish.


    I also have a great understanding of Portuguese and Italian.




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