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60-A, boul. St-Raymond #200, Gatineau (Québec)



Are you an Owner of one or more income properties?

Do you wish to be a landlord but don't know where to
start or how to turn a profit?


I can guide you on developing an effective realestate porfolio

Here is a list of the topics we will cover over the course of our meeting:


  • How to start your own available-anytime renovation team.

  • How and by how much should you raise your  rent each year.

  • How and why you should visit your units  once or twice a year.

  • How to prevent damage when tenants have access to mechanical rooms.

  • How to prevent and solve issues such as rent not paid/delayed, bad tenants, noise troubles, etc.

  • How to develop and implement a personal real estate acquisition plan
  • How to choose the best investment: duplex/Condo/Residential/Commercial/Etc.

  • How to manage multiple revenue properties with ease.

  • How to choose a real estate property management company.

  • The 5 steps to choosing a great tenant.

  • Terms and Conditions to insert in all your new leases, for your protection.


Feel free to contact me anytime for questions and/or meetings in our offices in Gatineau, Hull or Buckigham or for private meetings anywhere you wish.

Click HERE. Look at some of my Revenue Properties VIDEOS.