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I do not need to show you how real estate in the Outaouais region is still growing...


Here are some examples, websites and books that will help you learn for yourself!:


Is it better to buy a duplex in Hull for $300,000 to rent it?

Or, is it better to buy a triplex in Gatineau for $300,000 to rent it?


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Do you want to sell or buy your income property without having to worry about bothersome tenants or tenants who do not pay?


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Is it a good idea to buy a triplex or quaduplex on a busy street like Maloney, Greber, St Joseph, St-Raymond, Alexandre-Taché...?


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To manage your income properties hassle-free:


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Here are some books on investing in real estate that are worth reading:


• Comment acheter mon premier Plex, par Dubuc

• Investir et réussir en immobilier, par Martin Provencher

• L'immobilier en 2005, investir autrement, par Martin Provencher

• L'indépendance financiere grace a l'immobilier, par Jacques Lépine

• Couple millionnaire de l'immobilier, par Ginette Méroz et Jacques Lépine

• Commercial Real Estate Investing 101, Trump University

• Maverick Real Estate Financing, par Bergsman, Willy

• The Real Estate Investor's Book, par Cummings

• Commercial Real Estate Investing, Conti Harris

• Strategies for Real Estate, Donald Trump

• Four Seasons, Isadore Sharp